lördag, januari 25, 2014

Vintge blue with inkido

Have used one of the gourgus vintage card from Inkido !
Look in to http://inkido.blogspot.se  and see all the things the team create!


söndag, januari 12, 2014

Stamping with Inkido at round surface....

Love the hollidays because than i can find time to create, fulltime working and mum it not easy to find peace but in scapbooking i can find the joy.

I have use one of  my fav stamps from papercraftscandinavia. Easy to use on everything, this flower arrangement got stamp on tissus how i warm in to a candel and stamp on the bucket and label. I use snowflakes diecut to decorated.

Have a joyful scraptime this winter !


Look here it is easy to stamp with stamps  that you dont need be perfect line, i use lots of ink in the stamp... The bucket in wood have got som gesso on and some silver crackel paint :) fun and creative to make.

måndag, januari 06, 2014

Häng med på Inkido utmaningen januari 2014

Hej!  Nu är det ett nytt scrapår! och nya utmaningar hos Inkidos DT som jag ännu ett år är med i...
Grand old lady ;)  och jag tragglar med engelskan !

Hello now 2014 has started!
And we have a marvulos blog hop! Thanks for join us!
Loved to have so many new visitor in my blog!

I have for this post-day made a card for this month challange,
and you also can make card for our challanges :) 
I hope you see that it was that inspiere me... 
Have done some paper cutting and use the lovely wood paper.

I hope that you join the january challange 
( see at the right side of the blog)

Har gjort lite blomster arrengemang till jul!
De som följer mig på Instagram har redan sett dessa! Vill du se lite av annat än bara scrap så följ mig på Instagram  Petraso så får ni se lite mer mat och inredning....

I have done some flower arrangement with some of  Papercraftscandinavia products
I used for a present to my sister in law and the " fish" from the can was used in a dish we bring for christmas eve dinner at there place.

Here is some of the textile flowers :

and for my parents in laws i did stamp on a gesso painted woodbucket and candel and decorated
with some die cut and feather.

Have a great year! and visit us every day for something new!

Tell your LLS to order  Papercraftscandinavia products !


torsdag, januari 02, 2014

Blog Hop at Inkido 2-4 january

Welcome to me and Inkidos blog hop the 2-4 january
and to me Petraso!

 we will have a 3 prizes, a new collection, set for vintage cardmaker and a suprise! Is that great!
and you will learn a lot about the new team!

The rules are that you will have to visit us all and  leave  a comments and find/collect at some of us DT the  SECRET WORDS in the post I am not so Secret so I give it to you here : 


and then you are done tell us at 
( there do you have the complete rules)

I do not kmow if many of you know that i have been in the Inkido designteam for think its 7 years now:) Incredible fun it is! lots of my wish have been paper and stamps over the year! And I am an cardmaker in heart and soul! 

I do lots of humor cards but I am very kind in doing vintage stuff.  Its very fun that its have beeing an so international team over the year and that i learn a lot of my frinds all over the world.

 I live in Kungälv ( Kingriver) that is one of the importent places in the nordic history and if you wht to read more about this look here: http://www.bohusfastning.com/eng/

I work as a products manger in marketing and food an interialdesign are some other intrest i have becide scrapbooking , you can find me at Instagram // Petraso there I show dayliy that I do :)


 The Inkido Design team for 2014

( You come from) Nataliya Serova
( You are here) Petra Petraso Gustavsson
( and your next stop ) Renea Harrison